City Narratives - Milan
Project Details

City Narratives is a beautifully made book guiding the reader through the city with a collection of stories, movies, music, photography, maps, smells, sounds and people, old and new. The format is a personal scrapbook of a writer or artist in a given city. It would be composed of unrelated chapters of the narrator’s findings in the city.

City Narratives offers the reader an experience that is impossible to get online.
For each city, a new writer would be assigned with new contents but always following the structure we have put together in the book.
City Narratives is meant to be read before traveling to a chosen destination. It is a valuable book that will be kept by the traveler instead of being tossed or never looked at again after the trip. City Narratives is not a city guide. It is a book about a city.

In collaboration with:
Olivia Delsart
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