Elena Miro Website Design & Art Direction
Project Details

This was a student project completed in a Digital Art Direction Marster's course at Scuola Politecninca di Design in Milan.

The brief was to come up with an entirely new design and art direction for a high-end Italian fashion label called Elena Miro. It is the leading fashion label for plus-sized women and it is divided into 3 sub-brands, each catered to a different type of consumer:
- Elena Miro: catered to women 30-60
- White: similar to the above but uses more elegant material i.e. fur, satin, silk.
- For.me: catered to women 25-45 with more daring designs

Our concept was to develop a style-profiling quiz with questions related to lifestyle and taste rather than age or body shape. The goal of the quiz is to guide the customer online in the same way that she would be guided by a salesperson. We did not want to categorize customers, because not all women of the same age have the same taste.

The website functions in 2 ways:
1. A traditional way of shopping through lookbooks and e-commerce
2. A more exploratory way of shopping for women who don't know exactly what they're looking for through a fun style quiz.

In collaboration with: Danielle Alva and Sharon Irish